Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix, Mauritius.

Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Golokananda's recent pastimes.

Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Golokanada, of Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix, in the center of the island of Mauritius, were installed originally by Bhagavana Prabhu on Janmastami 1983. The making of Their Lordships in Jaipur, India, was expertly supervised by Sitala devi dasi (ACBSP), as were the making of Sri Sri Krishna Balarama in the late 90s.

Bhagavan das, Arjuna das and Atma-atma das installing Srimati Radharani
on Janmastami of 1983.

Sri Sri Radha Golokananda in 2002.


Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix.

Sri Sri Radha Golokananda in 2005.

On the 31st Dec 2001 evening, during being dressed, a pujari blacked out & fell over with the Lord. His Lordship Sri Golokanadaji devastated all the minds & hearts of all the devotees in Mauritius by manifesting such an incomprehensible pastime of jumping off His alter. He even arranged special glue to be on hand to glue Himself back together. Some of our ISKCON leaders had a few of the local leading devotees hold His feet while making false statements. So instead of letting His devotees perish for having lied while holding His lotus feet, He preferred to enact the lila of falling off His alter.

Despite the Lord being very much still present in His glued-up Deity Form, for those who knew how to look with love and devotion, many of the island's people of Hindu origin stopped coming to the temple, due to the superstition of bad luck incurred in worshiping a broken Deity. Therefore the ISKCON local leaders decided to get a new Deity made in Jaipur, India. His replacement Deity would be installed and the old Deity put to Samadhi in the ocean.

The new Murti arrived from Jaipur on April the 6th. His auspicious coming to Mauritius saw the country washed clean with torrents of rainfall lasting three days! There was flooding in Port Louis like never before recorded in history on the Sunday He came! On the day of installation, Sri Ramnaumi, 11th April, 2003, as well as the day after, it again rained like never before! His Holiness BB Govinda Swami and His Holiness Bhakti Vidhya Purna Swami came to Mauritius to conduct the installation ceremony.

Bhakti Vidhya Purna Swami performs the yajna on the installation day.

BB Govinda Swami brought his Kazakhstan Bhajan Band for two weeks to perform for the pleasure of Their Lordships and Their devotees.

Govinda Swami urging the devotees to chant enthusiastically.

Bhakti Vidhya Purna Swami performs the Abhisheka of Lord Golokananda.


After His Abhisheka ceremony His Lordship Sri Golokanada joins Sri Radha on Their alter prior to getting dressed and receiving the midday feast offering.

When His Holiness Giriraja Swami heard about the heavy rainfall that heralded the coming of His Lordship Golokanadaji, he wrote, "Auspicious indeed!" After seeing jpegs of the new Deity Form of His Lordship he wrote: "The face of the Deity is hauntingly beautiful--so reminiscent of the original. I felt He was telling me, "I am the same. Come and visit Me."

His first Audience (Darshan), Sri Ramnaumi, 11th April, 2003 .

On Sunday the 13th April, three boats holding a dozen devotees each went out from the East coast of the island to accompany the Deity Form of the Lord and immerse Him in Samadhi in the deep sea, at a spot about 35 meters deep. Bhakta Mario, who is a professional deep sea diver, arranged for the boat and scuba equipment to take His Lordship to His Deep Sea Samadhi.

The Deity of the Lord is driven to the East coast.


On board and getting ready to head out to the deep.

His Lordship on His way to His Deep Sea Samadhi.

Two boatfuls of Devotees accompanying Him to His Deep Sea Samadhi.

Lowering His Lordship into the sea.

Bhakta Mario and Gaura Gopala das preparing to accompany His Lordship
to the sea bottom at 35m depth.

A year later Bhakta Mario had these pictures taken of His Lordship in His Deep Sea Samadhi, reclining on the Ocean bottom, still playing His flute and being worshipped by Varunadeva and the fish.

A big blue fish was swimming near the smiling Lord, seen in the top right corner,
when these photos were taken.


The following devotees' wonderful service was instrumental in having the beautiful new Deity form of His Lordship Golokanadaji brought to Mauritius. Advaita Krishna das and Ranchor das went to a lot of trouble to provide the Jaipur Murti-walla sculptors with exact drawings and measurements to ensure that the new Deity is as exact as possible to the previous form. Sri S. Adjodah (now Ayodhyapati das), together with Raghava Pandita das, Vice President of ISKCON Delhi temple, went to Jaipur, India, paid the balance owed to the Murti-walla, and brought His Lordship to Mauritius.

Sri Sri Radha Golokananda ki Jaya!


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