Vegetarianism - a Spiritual Mode of Living

Including the health benefits of Noni, Kombhucha and Aloe Vera

A talk given at the Indira Gandhi Center for Indian Culture, Phoenix, Mauritius, by Arjuna das, on the 31st July, 2004, at the International Forum for the Defense of People’s Health, in the context of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Alma-Ata Declaration, organized by the Mouvement Santé Communautaire, (MSC), the Human Service Trust, (HST), and the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin, (GOPIO).

As a member of the International society for Krishna Consciousness, (ISKCON), and a disciple of the Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, I would like to share with you all the divine way of eating as taught in the eternal Vedic culture of Lord Krishna. Such a diet guarantees excellent health, long life, elevated spiritual consciousness and freedom from life’s miseries.

How this is achieved is nicely explained in the Bhagavad-gita by Lord Krishna: - (9.26)

patram pushpam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahritam
ashnami prayatatmanah

"If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it."

When the Lord accepts an offering of foodstuffs, it becomes spiritualized. The goal is to spiritualize everything we eat. The Upanishads give the example of iron and fire. Everything in this world is created of material energy and hence like iron. When iron is placed in fire it becomes red-hot and acquires the same qualities as fire. In the same way when we offer whatever we eat to the Lord with love and devotion, He accepts the offering which thus becomes sanctified and freed from sin. Such prasadam, or spiritually surcharged and sanctified foodstuffs burns away all our bad karma for which we were obliged to suffer, janma-mrityu-jara-duhkhair vimukto amritam ashnute – freeing us from birth, death, old age and pain and allowing us to experience deathlessness even in this life, (Bhagavad-gita 14.20).

The Vedic culture means the brahminical culture. Brahman means spirit. The eternal brahminical or spiritual culture is based on cow protection. Why should cows be protected? One of the main reasons is because cow’s milk is such an important foodstuff. In Sanskrit, brain cells are called “medha.” The same word means fat. Cow’s milk and butter or ghee (clarified butter), is full of medha. It is a scientific fact that nowadays mankind does not use more then 5% to 8% of their brain cells. Albert Einstein is said to have used only between 8% and 11% of his brain. So drinking fresh cow’s milk gives Brahmins (intellectuals) the necessary brain power to be able to read and understand Sanskrit, also known as Devanagari or the language of the gods, and thus accede to the vast knowledge of the Vedas.

As for the cholesterol, this problem is solved in the Vedic tradition by taking three baths daily in cold water, even in mid-winter. This is a basic Brahminical austerity that, according to the science of Ayurveda, is excellent for good health and enhancing brain power, especially when practiced together with brahmacharya, or sexual abstinence. Furthermore the latest scientific findings have shown that bad cholesterol mainly becomes a problem when there is a deficiency in Vitamin C. (for more about Vitamin C and cholesterol please visit )

The result of eating prasadam is that one becomes god-like or godly. This is a step beyond simply being vegetarian, which in itself is now well known for being a much healthier and especially safer method of alimentation, with mad-cow disease etc. so prevalent these days. With the health benefits of a vegetarian diet being already so well established, let alone the beneficial economical implications of a meat-free diet and the fact that it is the natural diet of humans verses the meat eating diet of carnivores, let us therefore now dwell more on the spiritual method of nourishing ourselves. The basic principle of spiritual or brahminical life is that the human body is a very holy temple of the Supreme Lord who is present in all living entities as Supersoul, and especially He lives in the heart of His pure devotees as Shyamasundara Krishna. So the greatest foolishness is to treat the body as a cemetery by burying all kinds of dead cows, goats, pigs and chickens therein, which is a sure way to have the Lord shun ones heart. The Upanishads give the analogy of the human body with a bird-cage. If one spends all ones time and energy in simply decorating the cage and neglects to feed the bird therein, then the bird dies and the cage becomes useless. The bird means the spirit soul who also needs nourishment. So prasadam is the real soul-food that we need. ISKCON devotees, who eat only prasadam, are known to be bright-faced. This is because the face is the index of the mind or heart which in turn is the index of the soul within. Good health is automatically achieved when the mind and self or soul is content and peaceful.

Ghee is also an essential ingredient in brahminical culture as it used to perform yajnas or fire-sacrifices. The specific yajna recommended for this age of Kali is Hari-nama-sankirtana-yajna or the performance of congregational chanting of the holy names of God. This is an integral part of offering foodstuffs to the Lord so that we may benefit from His remnants in the form of prasadam.
In Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita as it is, (chapter three, text 13), we are taught:

yajna-shishthashinah santo
muchyante sarva-kilbishaih
bhunjate te tv-agham papa
ye pachanty atma-karanat

"The devotees of the Lord are released from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice. Others, who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment, verily eat only sin."

Srila Prabhupada nicely elaborates the principle of eating sanctified foodstuffs in the purport of chapter three, text 11: "Ahara-shuddhau sattva-shuddhih sattva-shuddhau dhruva smrtih smrti-lambhe sarvagranthinam vipramokshah. By performance of yajna one’s eatables become sanctified, and by eating sanctified foodstuffs one’s very existence becomes purified; by the purification of existence finer tissues in the memory become sanctified, and when memory is sanctified one can think of the path of liberation, and all these combined together lead to Krishna consciousness, the great necessity of present-day society."

One of the Lord’s Holy names in Sanskrit is Apavarga. In the Sanskrit alphabet there are divisions of the consonants called vargas. Pa-varga contains the consonants pa, pha, ba, bha and ma. Pa stands for parishrama or hard labour. Pha for phena or foam. When one works too hard it leads to madness which is symphonized by foaming at the mouth. Then ba stands for byarthata or bewilderment or ones becoming baffled or frustrated, due to being imprisoned in the external reality of duality, which leads to bha for bhaya or fear. Finally ma stands for five things: mamsa or meat; matsya or fish; mada or intoxication (alchohol or drugs), and maithuna or sex, and these four ma’s lead to mrityu or death. So the Lord or Apavarga is always devoid of these contaminations, and those who follow His path and become godly also free themselves from all bad habits, which are the pathway to suffering, disease and death, thus one becomes peaceful within and mentally healthy hence physically healthy too.

In Sanskrit the word aushadi means medicine and also means vegetables and herbs. In the Bhagavad-gita (9.16) the Lord says, aham aushadham, " I am the healing herb." He further says (15.13), pushnami chaushadhih sarvah somo bhutva rasatmakah, "I become the moon and thereby supply the juice of life to all herbs and vegetables." In Ayurveda it is recommended to eat that foodstuff that resembles the internal organs or glands that are afflicted with some disorder or other. For example beans, being shaped like the kidneys, are good for kidney disorders. The brahmi leaf, which looks like the brain, is excellent nourishment for the brain.

In this context I would like to share with you all some information of very effective natural aushadi products that are excellent for keeping good health and preventing diseases, namely Noni, Kombhucha and Aloe Vera.

Noni or Morinda Citrifolia, is known in Mauritius as Bois Tortue or the tortoise tree due to the fruit looking like a tortoise shell. The Noni fruit resembles the cellular structures of the body. It is similar to the pineapple, which is also a source of Noni’s beneficial ingredient proxeronine but in a much smaller quantity. It is said that eating pineapple before a meal is good for losing weight, so taking some Noni juice before a meal is like eating dozens of pineapples. Pineapples, as well as most other fruit and vegetables commercial grown with artificial fertilizers and excessive use of pesticides etc., nowadays contain much less proxeronine then in previous times. Therefore Noni, which has a greater quantity of proxeronine when compared to any other fruit or vegetable, is an excellent aushadi. Home-made Noni juice can be obtained simply by squeezing the ripened fruit through a cloth.

A powerful antioxidant and immune system enhancer, Noni contains a molecule called proxeronine, from which we get xeronine, which combines with proteins in your body and is essential in allowing the body to better heal itself. Noni provides a rapid means for detoxifying the human body from various poisons and toxins that are so prevalent in modern society and that generally become carcinogens in time. Noni juice has become a great source of financial income for the Polynesian islands like Tahiti, where it has been used for the last 2000 years, as the juice is being exported to countries around the world, due to it’s helping in the treatment of cancer and numerous other disorders such as aids, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, arthritis, kidney diseases, asthma, chronic fatigue, depression, constipation, head and body aches and cholesterol.

Here in Mauritius it is presently being sold for Rs2,000 ($70) per liter. With the problem of the declining sugar industry in Mauritius the commercial possibilities of this nature’s boon should be seriously considered. Besides its health benefits, Noni can help solve one of society’s worst problems - drug addiction. Noni juice provides an easy cure for any kind of addiction - from nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, morphine or heroin. Noni has been used traditionally in Thailand for helping drug addicts in breaking their addiction habits.

A website on Noni, (, informs us as follows:
“When you drink a glass of Noni juice, the proxeronine goes through your digestive tract into the large intestine where it is then sent through the hepatic vein into the liver. The liver is the main storehouse for many of the body's essential nutrients. Every two hours the liver releases a certain amount of this proxeronine into the bloodstream, and then on to various tissues of the body. Once the xeronine is formed from proxeronine it now combines with proteins in your body. This is why Noni juice is such a uniquely good health product. Rather than supplying the body with an active chemical like so many drugs and pharmaceuticals do, Noni juice supplies the body with the precursor to the active chemical, thereby allowing the body to take control of and heal itself.”
“Noni juice supplies the body with proxeronine, and the body regulates this supply and uses what it needs to maintain a healthy level of xeronine. What is not used is simply discarded. Therefore, it is not possible to overdose on the proxeronine. Previous scientific mysteries are explained with the newly acquired knowledge of xeronine. Plants, animals and humans all use xeronine. However xeronine is a very unstable chemical compound. An interesting difference between plants and animals is in the way in which they dispose of xeronine when it is no longer needed. While most forms of life (humans included) merely allow xeronine to just naturally break down after its job has been performed, many plants desire to keep the xeronine so that it can be stored for the precious nitrogen that it contains. In order to keep it for storage, but also to inactivate it, the plant will add strings and clumps of ‘molecular garbage’ to it so that it will not break down, but also will not combine with protein anymore. Once the molecular garbage has been added to the xeronine it becomes a very well-known chemical compound called an alkaloid.”
“Alkaloids were one of the first biochemical compounds discovered. There are now over 10,000 known alkaloids that have been found in various plants. Some of these alkaloids include nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, heroin, and morphine. Until now science has not been able to adequately explain why plants contain alkaloids and what they do in the plant. It is now understood that alkaloids are nothing but "junk" forms of xeronine, designed to stabilize the xeronine so it can be kept for its nitrogen supply. This is fine for the plant in which these alkaloids are manufactured, but interesting problems are encountered when humans introduce these alkaloids into their bodies. These alkaloids are completely inactive in the plant, but, because they are unfamiliar to humans and resemble xeronine in structure, they are treated and accepted as xeronine by our proteins. For example, smoking a cigarette releases a great supply of nicotine into the body. Though the nicotine is inactive in the tobacco plant, it resembles the structure of xeronine enough that it fools the proteins in one’s body into accepting it rather than the xeronine that it naturally needs. Once the nicotine is accepted into xeronine's rightful place on protein cells, albeit awkwardly, it activates the protein in the same way that xeronine would, only in a less-effective way. Because it still has the same basic structure as xeronine it is still able to activate the protein, but it doesn't do it as well because of the molecular junk that serves to inhibit it. If one continues to smoke cigarettes and take nicotine into ones body, eventually the body will adapt to the nicotine by slightly changing the shape of the protein so it will fit with nicotine rather than xeronine. This is the molecular basis for addiction. One then craves cigarette after cigarette because many proteins in the body literally need the nicotine molecules to function, just like the protein once needed the xeronine molecule. The more one smokes the more proteins will be converted to nicotine-proteins from xeronine-proteins and it will become increasingly difficult to quit. This is why smokers feel withdrawal pains. Eventually, however, if nicotine is kept the out of ones system, then proteins will again adapt to the xeronine that is already present in the body and reduce the physical craving of nicotine. This same process applies to all foreign alkaloids that we take into our bodies including caffeine, cocaine, heroin, morphine, and so forth. When we take in these foreign alkaloids our proteins adapt to them and we change from our natural need of xeronine to an unnatural need of foreign alkaloids.”
“The reason we get a "high" from taking in these alkaloids is simple. Because they resemble xeronine just enough to fool us, these foreign alkaloids still allow proteins to perform work. If we flood our bodies with these foreign alkaloids (by taking a drug) they will cause our proteins to act more than normal thus creating a feeling of euphoria. Different drugs will behave differently because of the different pieces of molecular junk that are added to them. Cocaine will act differently in the body than morphine because of the slight difference in structure between the two that will limit or enhance certain aspects of xeronine's natural function. The key is that they are all simply mimicking xeronine's natural function. Many alkaloids are commonly used as drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, but underlying all of the pharmacological activity of these foreign alkaloids is the natural function of xeronine. Once we understand the true nature of these alkaloids and the process in which we become addicted to them, we can more fully help people overcome their drug addictions. This is the true nature of addiction. When you first take a drug like heroin, for example, you are literally flooding the body with this foreign alkaloid. This great supply of heroin in the bloodstream overcomes the smaller supply of natural xeronine and converts many proteins quickly. To overcome this difficulty and literally "cure" any addiction, all that needs to be done is to flood ones body with xeronine. By doing this you "re-addict" yourself to xeronine and you can avoid all of the problems of withdrawal. To treat for addictions in this way with proxeronine, you need to somehow get the proxeronine into the bloodstream rather than through the digestive tract. In order to accomplish this, one possibility is to add a few drops of a proxeronine supply (noni juice) and place it under the tongue with an eyedropper every hour. Doing this releases the proxeronine straight into the bloodstream from the soft tissue under the tongue rather than through the digestive system where its release is strictly regulated by the liver.”
“Another application for Noni juice is its potential in cosmetic products. As explained before, the liver is the main place of storage for proxeronine. The second major storage place for proxeronine is the skin. Proxeronine is converted to xeronine all over the body, and the skin is no exception. In order to keep your skin healthy and smooth, it will need to contain an ample amount of proxeronine. Lack of proxeronine in the skin may be responsible for unhealthy skin and many other skin conditions. Proxeronine is also needed to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Addition of proxeronine to the scalp and hair will leave a marked improvement if those areas are lacking.”

Kombucha is known as a miracle healer, and has become increasingly highly regarded as an aid to preventing many illnesses. Approximately 80 years ago, a Japanese scientist, Dr Pan Pen, visited the region of Kargasok in Russia and was stunned to find so many healthy people who were over the age of 100. She actually met a man at the age of 130 who had married an old woman of over 80 who was still able to conceive children. The Japanese woman was fascinated by this and attempted to obtain the secret of the 80-year old woman who hardly had a wrinkle. She discovered that in every household, young and old alike, consumed approximately a third of a liter of Kombucha each day. In Kargasok, cancer and high blood pressure are unknown.

To make this beverage, the Japanese woman received a Kombucha culture and instructions on how to use it. She took the culture with her to Japan where she started to duplicate it. Her friends were invited to drink the beverage as well and she also passed the culture on to them with instructions on its use .They passed it on to their friends. After having consumed the beverage for a period of time, the people began reporting successful effects - a man with blood pressure of 210/120 was able to reduce it to 140/80. A young girl diagnosed with shingles was cured. Soon thereafter, this beverage became the subject of TV and radio programs in Japan, with well over one million Japanese consuming the beverage. Eventually the beverage found its way to Taiwan, then to Hong Kong and now travels around the world where it is passed on from one friend to another as a token of appreciation and love.

The Kombucha beverage appears to be a miraculous remedy for many types of suffering. Researchers have discovered that the fungus has three basic elements, without which the body cannot function. Dr Pan Pen from Japan reported as follows on the effects of the culture: “This beverage:
- lengthens lifespan
- is a healthy remedy against chicken pox and shingles
- reduces the formation of wrinkles
- discourages the formation of cancer
- prevents adverse menopausal symptoms
- restores visual acuity
- strengthens leg muscles
- heals arthritis
- heals sweaty feet, constipation, joint and back pains
- heals abscesses
- heals blocked arteries and reduces the bad cholesterol
- strengthens kidneys
- heals cataracts and heart disease
- restores the appetite and heals sleeping disorders
- reduces the chance of gallstones and liver problems
- reduces obesity
- stops diarrhea
- heals hemorrhoids
- helps restore colour to gray hair, helps baldness conditions
- heals diabetes.”

The most famous research results come from the University of Omsk in Russia and, in the West, from the research of Dr Rudolf Sklenar. Dr Sklenar’s research is often mentioned in the German press . He came from Eastern Germany where Kombucha has been used since the turn of the century among ordinary people . He studied medicine in Prague and had his first contact with the Kombucha beverage in a monastery . He worked with the culture during the Second World War and based his scientific work upon Kombucha . In the 1960’s he published his research in the scientific and general press, which resulted in increased awareness of Kombucha’s healing and strengthening properties . Dr Sklenar used Kombucha successfully for diabetes, high blood pressure, all types of digestive problems, stomach and bowel illnesses, rheumatism and gout. Gout is a common ailment of ISKCON Vaishnavas as they grow older, due to eating great quantities of Maha-prasadam, that is over-eating very rich food too often. In the days of British India, Kombhucha was referred to as the ‘Indian gout jelly.’ Dr Sklenar’s main area of work became the biological treatment of cancer, and he integrated Kombucha with this program. His healing methods were so successful that they were adopted by many doctors. A company which carries his name today manufactures the Kombucha drops. When it was reported that Dr Veronika Carstens (wife of a former German President) was using Kombucha with all her cancer patients, the beverage became a popular healing remedy. Dr Sklenar and Dr Carstens both recommended the use of Kombucha to their cancer patients as a complement to other therapies. Cancer experts, such as Dr. Johannes Kuhl, Dr.Skelner and Dr. Carstens, have become famous due to their successful cancer therapy where Kombhucha plays a major role in revitalizing the bowel flora of patients. When it was reported that Roland Reagan suffered from cancer during his tenure as US President, reports regarding his treatment were lost in the larger issues of politics. According to researcher, Gunther Frank, Reagan heard of the cancer healing successes of Kombhucha through the autobiography of the Nobel Prize recipient Alexander Solzhenitsyn who had been diagnosed with cancer in 1952 and subsequently recovered fully at the hospital in Tashkent (‘The Cancer Ward,’ where Kombhucha was used) in 1953. Reagan received a culture from Japan. By drinking one liter of Kombhucha daily his cancer was prevented from spreading further.

Reports dealing with the healing successes are widespread in Australia. The general perception is that Kombhucha heals and does not have any side-effects. Personally, I first received a Kombucha culture from a health food shop in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993. I had been suffering from a skin cancer on my left shoulder for about 8 years. So upon inquiring about a natural remedy for this condition from the elderly salesman of the health food shop, who despite being at least twice my age looked much younger and more healthy and energetic then myself, I was told that many people in Australia had cured skin cancers with Kombhucha brewed with green tea & papaya leaves. Australia, like Mauritius, has very dangerous sunshine due to the huge ozone depleted hole over the South Pole. In fact he showed me the following newspaper article from the Australian Gold coast of all the papaya trees being devoid of leaves in that area due to everyone using the leaves to cure their cancers.
"The story of how Stan Sheldon cured himself of cancer by drinking the boiled and brewed extract of pawpaw (papaya) leaves was first told in the Gold Coast Bulletin in 1978. Now research in the United States has given scientific support to his claim, isolating a chemical compound in the pawpaw tree which is reported to be a million times stronger than the strongest anti-cancer drug."

When I asked him what Kombucha was, he said, "Tea wine". "Oh no", I told him," I'm a yogi, & don't take either tea or wine." “Only one green teabag per liter" he replied, " and only half a percent of alcohol, why don't you try it, it works!" So I thought, phalena parichiyate, judge by the results, and after 2 months of treatment, taking a glass of Kombhucha 3 times daily, my skin cancer of 2 inches diameter had totally reduced. It also reduced my high cholesterol & made me feel better then I had felt in 10 years. I have been taking it regularly ever since, & feel better today then when in my 20's.

No one can say, for sure, how and where the Kombucha culture originated, but we do know that it has been used for at least two thousand years by Indians and the Chinese, and later by Koreans, Japanese and Russians. In Sanskrit, kumbha means pot and cha or chai is Hindi for tea. Another interesting possibility is that this was the base of the "sura" or wine of the demigods (in which they perhaps brewed their Soma rasa), as Kombhucha only contains 0.5% (half a percent) of alcohol. Alcohol when consumed produces an immediate tamasic effect. However, my personal experience is that Kombhucha has the opposite effect, by alleviating one from the effects of the lower modes of nature.

Kombucha is composed of a number of bacteria and special yeast cultures in a symbiotic (living together) relationship. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become the Kombucha beverage .The refreshing taste gives one a feeling of well-being. The amount of living yeast it contains gives the Kombucha beverage an active life which continues after decanting it into bottles. The living organism, that is the Kombhucha culture or jelly, feeds on two ingredients - purin and sugar. Purin is a cancer causing component found in alcohol, tea, tobacco, meat ect. When it is digested the liver transforms most of it into uric acid, (causing excessive uric acid in the blood, thus gout, back pains etc.) The beverage from which the Kombhucha culture feeds is thereby transformed into a kind of antidote for purin (i.e. an anti-purin) and also antidotes for sugar (which are Gluconic & Glucuronic acids). When brewing Kombhucha, sugar is being fermented & this produces lactic acid & alcohol. With the minimum sugar content of 50 grams per liter of water in the brew, (less then that the culture will starve and perish), the beverage will have only 0.1% alcohol after 14 days. At the normal recommended dosage of 80 grams/liter the beverage after 6 to 10 days contains between 0.3 to 0.5% alcohol, i.e. the alcohol will be of very small proportions.

There are two lactic acids produced in the beverage, one being "L(+) lactic acid" and the other "D(-)lactic acid". The L(+) lactic acid in Kombhucha is detoxifying. The metabolic by-products of the fermentation of Kombhucha with tea and sugar include Gluconic and Glucuronic acids, Acetic acid, Carbonic acid and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic acid & various enzymes. The Usinic acid also produced is antibacterial and partly antiviral. The Acidic acid bacteria produced are antagonistic to streptococci, diplococci, flexner and shilgella rods (Nosredna).

From this brief resume we can appreciate the amazing therapeutic properties of regularly drinking Kombhucha. To read more on Kombucha and to learn how to make it, please visit

Aloe Vera is another wonder-drug of nature. Aloe Vera is one of the richest and most complete natural nutritional food supplements, containing 52 vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It contains 7 out of the 8 essential amino-acids (for the body’s protein metabolism), including the one that is somewhat rare for vegetarians.
In 1984, Dr.Om Prakash Agarwal surprised his colleagues at the annual conference of the International College of Heart Diseases in San Antonio, Texas, with the positive results he obtained by administering Aloe Vera to his patients. He conducted a study on 5000 patients over 5 years by giving them chapattis twice a day containing wheat mixed with 100 grams of Aloe Vera gel and 20 grams of Isabgol (total daily dose). He obtained a 85% cure of these patients who were suffering from different heart diseases. He found that this treatment is highly effective in clearing blocked veins by reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol (high density lipoproteins) of his patients. He was aware of the potency of Aloe Vera from its age old use in Aryurveda, where it is known as Kumari  (literally 'a young virgin girl' - and is an Ayurvedic sanjivani - or fountain of youth. The Atharva-veda calls Kumari the silent healer & that as the name implies, any female who takes Aloe Vera regularly will become like a princess in beauty and never fall ill.) He also found that this treatment had a 95% curative effect with his patients suffering from diabetes, that Aloe Vera drastically reduces excessive blood sugar. Being in charge of a charity hospital, he found that his patients reacted positively to this treatment from the 2nd week of administration. After 3 months of this treatment he was able to discharge 4652 patients of the 5000 tested with their ECG normalized.
Mahatma Gandhi was interviewed by an American journalist when he was on the 3rd month of a protest fast, while imprisoned by the British in India. She was surprised to find him in good health and full of vigor, despite the severity of his fasting. She asked him his secret. He laughingly told her that it was four things. His faith in God, his simple lifestyle and habits, his daily regulated practice of bhajana and yoga, and a secret medicine that he had learned of when in South Africa - that medicine being Aloe Vera.
Aloe Vera was also the secret weapon of the Jesuit missionaries around the world in being able to befriend and convert even the most ferocious of tribes. They had a secret medicine which cured almost all ailments and diseases. This was Aloe Vera pulp (about 3 big leaves worth of pulp), blended with 500 grams of honey and three tablespoons of whiskey, producing about a liter and a half of the Jesuit Aloe Vera blend. This remedy has a cleansing effect on the whole organism due to the honey which enables the healing & disinfecting properties of the aloe Vera to reach even the most inaccessible cells of the body. The tiny dose of alcohol helps by diluting the blood vessels & veins, which facilitates the cleansing & healing. After 10 days of this treatment of a spoonful three times a day before meals, the blood is slowly purified, which enables the whole organism to function with renewed health.
Aloe Vera was also Alexandra the Great's secret weapon. His guru Aristotle cured him of an arrow wound in the chest by applying a peeled leaves of Aloe Vera to it. His army had wagons of Aloe Vera plants following him around on his conquests, which enabled his wounded warriors to heal in record time. Aloe Vera contains a wound healing substance which is a natural antibiotic, astringent and coagulating agent. Ancient Greeks used it for external and internal medication.
Aloe Vera eliminates harmful bacteria while not affecting friendly bacteria, unlike modern drugs which kill both friendly and harmful bacteria. Thus it speeds the healing of wounds. It is helpful for digestion, blood circulation and improvement of skin complexion. Clod sores, boils and pimples heal better and quicker when Aloe Vera is taken internally. Arthritis sufferers report relief after taking it. Gastric and ulcer sufferers also report quick recovery after taking Aloe Vera.
It was also Cleopatra's secret behind her beauty. She would regularly take Aloe Vera gel baths. She attributed her beauty to Aloe Vera.
The great Sun-King Louis 14th of France passed a law in the 17th century making it compulsory for all families in his kingdom of France to grow Aloe Vera plants in their gardens.

Those who are interested in knowing more about Noni, Kombhucha and Aloe Vera or who want to know where to get them may contact me at or by telephone at (230) 697 3497.

The good Lord has given us all the healing herbs and the Ayurvedic knowledge of how to live happily and in good health. When we turn to Him with our prayers He inspires us towards such natural therapeutic aushadis and thus we can make our lives perfect in all respects.

Thank you very much. Hare Krishna!


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